Thank You!

Your help was invaluable and your ability to match us with financial advisers that matched our needs was excellent.! Your services are something I think most people should use.  It is well worth the price.  PG, Cleveland, Ohio  


Jan's course on the ENERGY OF MONEY helped me understand that every thing is energy.  Since everything is energy, money is energy, too.  Once I understood this concept, I was able to remove the negative emotion...the fears of money...positive outlook now on my relationship with money.  BMC The Carolinas


...if the students like a class, there is a lot of chatter about it.  I had many people tell me that they really enjoyed the class, and I think some people may be giving you a call.  Local Law Firm in Cleveland, Ohio 

Thanks, Jan, for using your "original medicine." SS GEAUGA COUNTY, OHIO

Thank you for working with me on my money autobiography .  I wish you great success in your endeavors.  They are surely making a difference in the lives of those who take it upon themselves to participate in learning about their relationships with money.  RE Moreland Hills, Ohio

For any financial coach or advisor, I'm a challenging client at best.  A right-brained person who tunes out any talk of numbers.  An entrepreneur with dramatic fluxes in income.  An ambitious vision for the future.  When I sat down with Jan for the first time, she immediately put me at ease with her knowledge and down-to-earth approach....JB Brecksville OH

You saved my family...dc Bay Village, Ohio


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