EMPOWER Excellence has been a lifelong journey and will continue to be a journey forever!

It is my intention and passion to help people with their money.  Ironically, money has never been my goal as witnessed by a very long career in the non-profit governmental sector and extensive volunteer background.  Now, as a “recovering financial planner”-- I became involved in the financial services industry in the mid-90’s and experienced several major market downturns -- the discontent, fears, anxieties, and nightmares about money that have been shared with me haunt me. 

Growing up in Parma, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, was a frugal experience.  As the oldest of three daughters, when I left for The Ohio State University, I left Parma, for the most part, for good.  At 21, I was “old” when I married.  During the 14 years until my divorce, I became an “adoptive mother” and a “biological” mother,

I finished my degree in business at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio, and accumulated my own discontent, fears, anxieties, and nightmares about money, and they remained with me as I became a “single” mother when my two sons were 4 and 8.

Combining my career life and my personal life experiences, I know I had the right to be haunted by money issues, and I have worked very hard to change that energy!

The energy of my money is peaceful today.  Without that peaceful energy, EMPOWER Excellence could never have come into existence…..

Consider what I have shared above as my bio; if you want more information on my career experience, please email me at info@empowerexcellencewithjan.com, and I will share with you. 

But for now, EMPOWER Excellence is all about “you”!
Education:        B.S. Business Administration, Lake Erie College, Ohio Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Certificate of  Curriculum
Completion, American College of Financial Planning
Financial Management:
Licensed (Series 7, 63, 65, 31, and 88) since 1999 with 12+ years as a financial planner:
Smith Barney
Morgan Stanley
Edward Jones
And as an Independent Financial Planner
Plus 5 years as a Retail Bank Branch Manager
EMPOWER Excellence since 2011

Wellness Management:   Member of River’s Edge Wellness Center Board, Cleveland, OH 2008-2011
           Affiliate, Centered Wellness, Westlake, OH 2010-2012
            EMPOWER Excellence since 2011

Involvement:  Ohio Board of Regents, Staff
                             Ohio House of Representatives, Committee Staff
                             City of Mentor, Grant Administrator
                             U.S. House of Representatives, 22nd District  Administrator

Further Information available by contacting Jan:  janicelitterst@gmail.com

Underlying everything in my life and practice are my Core Beliefs:

EMPOWER Excellence in all of its various programs begins with

PERSONAL SUSTAINABILITY:  Each individual strives for mental, emotional, physical, and financial stability.  In the order of life, one must take care of oneself before they can be of service to anyone else, including their family members.  Once they have achieved PERSONAL SUSTAINABILITY, an individual can proceed to create

FAMILY UNIT SUSTAINABILITY:  The same needs for an individual—mental, emotional, physical, and financial stability—are true for their family (biological or otherwise).  Moving from PERSONAL SUSTAINABILITY TO FAMILY UNIT SUSTAINABILITY allows the individual and the family to become involved in

COMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY: Personally sustainable and confident in the fact that there is sustainability for their family, an individual can then become instrumental in COMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY—building strong schools, churches, social services, government, neighborhoods and businesses.  With the community stable, then and only then can ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY  begin.
The most beautiful story of transformation is the story of the butterfly--as I designed the logo for EMPOWER Excellence, it was the butterfly’s story that I held in mind……

Starting with energy, the energy to make a change, like the caterpillar developing and then emerging from the chrysalis, it is necessary to work, to do the work a little at a time …  As the adult butterfly exits the chrysalis, we behold a work of excellence.  But the butterfly, as beautiful and treasured as it is, does not just rest on its laurels. 

The phenomenal butterfly, empowered by what it has accomplished, lays eggs for the next generation of caterpillars continuing the work she knows is hers to do.  With the energy she has created, she then repeats the cycle……
ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY:  You cannot sustain the earth until each person, family unit, and community is sustainable; consequently, we begin with PERSONAL SUSTAINABILITY, continue with FAMILY UNIT SUSTAINABILITY, move on to COMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY, and arrive at  ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY where the Earth can support each individual, and the cycle continues…….
Becoming empowered by the excellence she displays…..

So is the story of EMPOWER Excellence.  When we want to make a change in our relationship with money, we need to find that beginning “Energy” in order to do the “Work” towards the transformation we want to experience.  No matter how small the first step is, we demonstrate “Excellence” in moving towards our goal, which “Empowers” us and creates more “Energy” to continue our transformation process!

Because we all are a human energy field, we have the first necessary “Energy” to begin our transformation….to Empower and to create the Energy with money that we want in our life.
EMPOWER Excellence strives to create PERSONAL SUSTAINABILITY with EMPOWER, and the Energy of Money programs. 

And from there, everything else flows!
EMPOWER Excellence
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