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…partnering with you to bring peace and power to your feelings about money!
Jan Litterst, Transformational & Transitional Money Coach & Consultant

Jan Litterst
EMPOWER Excellence™
EMPOWER Excellence with Jan recognizes that “money” is one of the most difficult relationships people have.  

After over 18 years in financial services, there are so many stories that were shared with me that I am here to be a partner for you to work through whatever concerns, worries, and fears you have about “money” and your relationship with it in a format that is comfortable for you.  

Transformation is possible…..you do not have to do it alone…..

Let me help you to bring peace and power to your feelings about money!  

You deserve it!

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A 2-Hour Group Presentation Focusing on Money Decisionmakiing.  more...
Energize Your Money, Energize Your Life - Energize Yourself, Energize Your Money -- Personal Energy
Focus on Money
Finding Your Flow In Financial Wellness Programs

Yes, you can have a magic wand to change your life!  Discover your true love or fear about money!  more... 

A ONE-DAY Group Presentation Focusing on Creating an Excellent Money Relationship.   more...
Writing Your Money Autobiography

A step-by-step process to uncover you money history and its effects on your life.
Less Weight, More Wealth

Be Fascinated & Motivated & Learn How Your Weight & Your Money are Related
Closing the Bank of Mom & Dad

A Tough Love Approach to Financially Independent Adult Children.
Visit our Programs page for specific details and registration.
Inspired Success Circle

Based on Tama Kieves' book INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE, the Inspired Success Circle "works" the principles
of the book, wildly succeeding in your life's work. 
Finding Your Excellence Inspite of Money Programs
Taking Your Flying Leap of Faith

Go from just “being” to “doing” what lights your PASSION!
Earning What You're Worth

It's time to stop settling for LESS than you are worth!
Local Evolution Programs
Visit our Programs page for specific details and registration.
Local Evolution - A Return of Fundamental Aspects of Human Nature That Have Always Existed.

Join others interested in the return of community, relationships, and connection!

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